To Find Hope

Read and pray the Truth. The Word is Truth. It is the sword of the Spirit. It divides bone and marrow. It divides our emotional souls and our spirit, which is in Him.

To find hope look at Jesus. Gaze upon His beauty. Behold Him. Wait upon Him.

To find hope when all you feel is hopeless … Call on his Name. He is near. He is closer than breathing.

Speak the truth from your lips. Read the Word of God aloud. Agree in your mind and heart.

We do have a living hope which is an anchor to our soul. He is behind the veil. But look! At the cross the veil was torn! By the blood of the pure spotless holy precious Lamb of God … We can freely enter in.
I plead His blood over your hopelessness. I champion, by His Spirit and the blood of the cross, hope to strengthen your heart.

In His presence is full joy. And hope abounds when we are with Him. Spend all your moments beholding Him. Breathe His word and name. Speak His truth every time you move from one task to the next.
He is releasing love today this moment and in His love there is no fear, and hope abounds.

We cannot hope accept in Him. Every other hope fails but His hope remains.

Hope in The Lord.


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