In Revival We Still Have to Take out the Trash

“In Revival, I just want to take out the trash.”

–          Chauncey Hutter Jr.  (while taking out the trash)

“It will be heavy – full of chains and yokes and burdens.”

–           Joan Hutter (while thanking him)

My husband took out the trash during the women’s conference. He showed up every few hours to collect giant plastic bags burgeoning with coke cans, coffee cups, food-caked paper plates and wadded tissues damp with tears.
“Thank you so much. You are doing more than anyone knows to keep us all going,” I told him after lunch, before the afternoon session.
“This looks like revival,” he whispered.
We laughed. In a way, the morning session was still going … Isik, the precious former Muslim friend who preached freedom, was still praying for people. A woman, touched by the Lord, fell backward into my arms and I settled her on the ground and placed a white linen covering over her. Someone had done that for me with the same cloth a few weeks earlier.
We break free in his presence, closing doors to old voices, desires and hindrances, and shedding great yokes where we’ve been connected far too long with the oxen of the enemy.  Chains fall off in His presence.  A light, easy burden falls along with His weighty glory … a supernatural exchange. Heavy cloaks drop and a garment of praise replaces despair.  Faces beam with the oil of gladness in His presence, full of joy. He breaks every yoke and crushes the iron bars of hearts long encaged.
The captives are freed. “Set me free from my prison, that I may praise Your name.” Psalm 142:7
But there is still the trash.  And the ladies’ room.
A beautiful prayer warrior who undergirds everything with her intercession kept the bathroom in shape. I had forgotten about that.  But she would do anything for our Lord Jesus.
Others cleaned up after lunch, reorganized leftovers for the next hungry bunch, and collected snotty tissues from the altar.
Someone set the food out. Someone replenished the water bottles even as worship leaders kept showing up at the keyboard, session after session and hour after hour.
But now we are back to our life schedules and demands.  We are in heart revival and still have to drive carpool, work with excellence, wash clothes, cook and clean and love those around us with unhindered and abandoned hearts.
That is why we named this after John 15.  Women Abide is about what we do between worship meetings every bit as much as it is about experiencing His awesome presence in conference, prayer and worship sets.
“Abide in Me,” Jesus said, “and I will abide in you. … Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” John 15:4-5
Every room is a prayer room when we are abiding in the Lord Jesus.  We take out the trash with a song of praise. We intercede beneath the laundry pile. We sing a new song while driving down 29. We prophesy life at the cash register. We love people into His presence because we are filled with His Spirit and it is His Spirit of love and freedom. We radiate His beauty and glory even when we don’t feel that great or are bogged down … we can turn to Him in a moment.
And every place we walk becomes holy ground because of His abiding presence in the tabernacle of our hearts.
So sing while you take out the trash. And exercise your spiritual faith muscles because we will be taking out chains that fall from hearts and grave clothes that reek with death as we unravel those around us … and yokes too big for just one of us to haul out.
Though He carries every burden. He is the burden lifter, the yoke breaker, the cross carrier … and by His blood He set us free.
He rains down lightness of being and fragrant oils of gladness and sweet living waters and fresh breaths of new life.
Halleluiah. Amen

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