What does revival look like?

A woman decides not to divorce her husband.
A cancer patient removes her cap, revealing her smooth scalp.
A diabetic can feel her feet again. Her blood sugar—400 just months ago—reads 118 in the prayer room.
Pain leaves a back. Fear and anger flee a heart.
Addictions vanish.
Love breaks through … for the first time.
In the name of Christ Jesus.
What does revival look like?
Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, and Anglicans gather to worship, linger to pray, press in for healing, repent of their sins. Ask again: What do You have for me, Lord?
Revival is five mission agencies worshiping the King in one meeting.
God is that good.
What does revival look like? 
Back-room banner wavers come to the front. Quiet seat warmers release a shout. They make a train and dance around the room, bringing down the Jericho in their lives.
Who cares what people think?
A leader bows down, prostrate before the Lord. Surrendered, she weeps between the porch and the altar.
Praise rises hour after hour until His presence is palpable and fragrant. The international evangelist stretches out on the floor, under the weight and canopy of His glory.  Poured out. Waiting to be lifted again.
Revival is when the suicidal throw away their pills and plans and dive instead into the healing waters of the Lord. It is the revelation of the Bridegroom King and the Father’s heart of love all at once. Chains clank to the ground and Christ calls every heart to freedom.
He shuts the mouth of the lion. He silences the voice of the enemy.
A 16-year-old lays down her burden. A 61-year-old begins again.
This is what happens when women pray for an outpouring of Holy Spirit. This is what happens after the long season of fasting.
Crushed grapes produce new wine.
This we experienced on a Friday and Saturday in November when we asked God to “do what He came to do.” Even invisible chains go in His name. Poems rise along with new songs.
And He is delighted. He is glorified. Two hundred women in a little college town find freedom at the cross and their families, children, workplaces, friends … will notice the light turned up, the peace flowing, the love overflowing, the joy like oil upon their faces, the hunched backs straitened and the courage strengthened.
What is revival? I don’t know but it seems to happen one heart at a time.
It is the lady cleaning the bathroom when no one asked her, because only she thought to do it. In revival, we still have to take out the trash.
Revival is prayer in the stairwell and parking lots, and at the lunch table. It is five healing rooms brimming over. It is the hours flipping by and people still resting at His feet. Long after the “session” is finished. And the new session begins.
One season flows into the next like the darkest part of night folding into dawn. It has to happen.
Revival is a heart full of peaceful open space and love and songs of praise … the next day … when life is regular again. But different.
I think this is revival. A good taste anyway. We will have to do revival again soon until it just keeps going.
Joan Hutter

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