“Why this waste?” (Matthew 26:8)

Dearest Ones,
What if someone looked at your life and said, “Why this waste?”
That seems negative, as if you’re wasting your life on frivolous things.
But look at Mary in this scripture.  She “wasted” an expensive bottle of perfume. In a moment, she poured it all out on Jesus. The whole house filled with the fragrance of the perfume. Both Jesus and Mary came away smelling like that pure nard.
“Why this waste?” the disciples asked. But Jesus said she had done a “beautiful thing.”
Mary “got it,” didn’t she? She understood the seed was about to “fall into the ground and die” (John 12:24). She was anointing Jesus for His burial.
But we anoint Him for His return. The Spirit and the Bride will say, “Come!”
And now, what if you look at my life and think, “What a waste. All that time just singing and praying. We are supposed to go.”
If I waste my life in the Holy of Holies I will come out smelling like the one whose “name is like perfume poured out” (Song of Solomon 1:3). He breaks everything open and pours it upon us as we enter His gates. The whole house (our whole being) is filled with the fragrance of Christ; and when anyone follows they ask, “What is that?” (like manna, “what is it?”) We can say together, “Hurry, let the King bring us into His chambers.”
What are you wasting your life on? Rather: what are you investing your life in?
Time is short. He is coming. Today is the day to open our eyes. It is the day of anointing in His presence, of bringing heaven to earth. We anoint Him with our love—not for His death but for our life—and His return. He anoints us more.
Let’s do this together.
Break open your alabaster jar and pour out your praise to our worthy King. Bring fresh manna to share.
In His love,
Joan Hutter

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