Casting Out Fear

As we proclaim His truths continually we begin to agree with his heart. We align ourselves with the Plumb-line. We build on the Capstone. We resist the devil and he flees. We cling to Jesus, the hope of the nations and of every heart. We declare His love and all fear must go in Jesus’ name. We cast down fear and every stronghold by the blood of the pure, holy, spotless Lamb of God. We shut out lies, lasso them, take them captive, slam the door in their twisted faces and usher in love, welcome peace, bask in the Presence of the Holy One, whose love is stronger, who lives inside, who covers us with His pinions, and under Whose shadow we abide.

Proclaim Him at all times. Declare and sing His Name and promises without ceasing. He will have His way. He will have His day. This is the day He has made and better is this one day in His presence than a thousand elsewhere. He is our life and breath. He is our water and bread. He is our all in all. And greater is He within us than anything else.

Set your eyes on things above. Set your hearts on things above. Where your life is hidden with Christ in God.

There is no room for fear here. His Love casts out all fear. His perfect love immeasurable. His holy, powerful love unquenchable.

Wrap up in this love. Breathe it. Receive it. And live it. Remain in His love. His love remains.

With His Every Blessing,


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