Previous Women’s Conference Highlights

sharaShara Lea Pradhan is the producer, director and writer for Iris Global Film’s first feature length documentary “Compelled by Love,” as well as the casting director for iBethel TV.  Shara co-authored the book, “Compelled by Love,” with Heidi Baker after serving as her personal assistant for nearly five years, is featured on the film, “Finger of God,” and wants to love Jesus so lavishly that she takes an ocean of people home to heaven – That the Lamb might receive the just reward of His sufferings.

Friday Evening Message (Shara Lea Pradhan)

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Mary Hasz, an itinerate minister from Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Mary walks in the prophetic and healing ministry. As an artist, Mary has seen God move in powerful ways through paintings, drawings, dance and other creative expressions. She celebrates the arts being restored to the church. She has been married for over 30 years and has 5 grown children.

Saturday Afternoon Message (Mary )

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